“I have practiced yoga throughout the U.S. and India and find that Jane is the most authentic teacher I have ever practiced with. She teaches out of intuition and is very aware of her students’ needs. In her class, I am warmed up so well that I am able to go deeper and more fully into my practice without hurting my body. She is grounded, down to earth, playful and her classes always leave me feeling like I got a workout and meditated at the same time. To put it simply, she is amazing!” -Melinda Haselton, President at Dolma


I have known Jane and have attended her superb yoga classes regularly since 2005. Jane is a vivacious, warm, attentive and caring teacher. I love walking into her class and seeing her welcoming face and feeling her open heart ready to greet each of us! Jane has many gifts as a creative young woman and teacher, but she is especially gifted at encouraging each student’s level of skill and self-acceptance with grace and humor. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Aimee Gaffney, M.A.C.P.


Jane has been my yoga teacher of choice for a number of years…not only is she well versed in her subject she approaches her teaching with a kindness and compassion that reaches far beyond any pose she could demonstrate…it is her approach to life that makes the most powerful impression. Jane is an artist, taking the philosophy she was taught and making it her own by bringing a real world spin to spirituality, meditation, and yoga practice. A special teacher, a special human, I recommend Jane’s classes to anyone even thinking about beginning a yoga practice as the most compassionate place to start. I am forever grateful to all she has taught me, and would recommend her highly for any endeavor related to her work.” – Kerin Rose, Artisan

[Jane] is a HUGE asset to the studio and developed quite the following from her yoga students! Jane is one of the most genuine people I know and she gives each one of her students specialized attention and care. She co-founded the Burlington Yoga Conference in 2008, which has turned into an annual event due to its great success. This can be attributed to Jane’s dedication to sharing yoga with her community and her obvious skill in bringing people together to create amazing energy. I am grateful to know Jane and I know she will do great things as she is doing them already.” – Lindsay Lathrop, Assistant Director at Navicate


“Jane is one of the most talented marketing managers that has amazing creativeness, acute professionalism, true kindness, and upmost passion for her productions. She is a true inspiration for all beings.” – Casey Baraw, Founder / Owner of Inspired Yoga Studios


“Jane was my first yoga teacher, and I feel so fortunate and grateful that she was offering a Saturday morning class when that’s what I was looking for. She is a lovely, heart-centered, and knowledgeable teacher, and I have been delighted to learn and be inspired by her classes since 2008. I recommend her without reservation.” – Jill Mason, Freelance editor, indexer, and proofreader at MasonEdit