Drop-In Yoga Classes

Jane offers drop-in yoga classes at Laughing River Yoga for new and experienced students to devote to regularly guided and consistent practice while experiencing the benefits of sangha, community.

An Individual Approach to your Practice Laughing River Yoga..
Private Yoga Lessons are reccommended for beginners looking for a one on one introduction to yoga practice and for more experienced students who want to focus their practice. Sliding Scale Rates available.

Small Group Yoga Lessons your location or Laughing River Yoga..
Want to organize a group to do yoga? This option is available for groups 2-10 people..  We can meet once or twice a week.

Corporate Yoga & Yoga at Work

Jane offers yoga at corporations and small businesses. Yoga before or after work can lead to many individual benefits and harbors a sense of respect, community, wellbeing, and productivity at work.

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