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It’s 7:27 in the morning, September 29, 2008 and my blog has begun.
My name is Jane Elizabeth Jarecki. I was born in California in September 1982. I live in Vermont now and have throughout the past 15 years (with a few stays in California and Hawaii).

Ben Lanza, my partner, is en route to work at Burton Snowboards, located here in Burlington, Vermont.
Working at a snowboard company is generally relaxing for Ben, unlike the corporate world he came from.

Together we run Eclectic Music Productions and produce Liberate Music & Arts Festival and the Burlington Yoga Conference.

I’m home now with Luna, our Pit bull-lab who turns one today! I’d like to see Luna in a birthday hat, Mom thinks I should stick to a marrow bone 🙂

Luna is without question the best little dog we could have hoped for. The first thing Ben and I hear each morning is the vehement “thump thump thump” of her tail and what a sweet alarm. Luna’s thrilled to be alive and a good reminder of the joy of having a family to love and a warm bed to sleep on.

About one week from now, Ben heads to the region of Hong Kong/ Shenzhen in Southern China. This is the first of many trips for him to oversee the manufacturing of Burton Snowboard bindings. We are both exited about his opportunity!
I will spend these same two weeks hanging with Luna, planning my upcoming trip to Thailand, learning to use skype, and following the election. The schedule of yoga allows ample time for creative projects, exercise, service, reading, writing, and “pancaking” (the term used for Luna cuddling).
I hope that Ben is not distracted by human rights issues on his trip, working in the Burton factories because I hope such issues do not exist. Though I know Ben will experience poverty in China as I will in Thailand as exists right here in Burlington, VT, rural upstate New York, urban New York and on.
My deeper wish is that human rights injustices do not exist on Earth.
What can I do to share the wealth?
Together and apart, Ben and I spend a good amount of time working on Eclectic Music Productions, the company we founded and run outside our 9-5s. This year we produced the Liberate Music & Arts Festival: http://www.liberatevt.com/
After Liberate, I realized, we overcome obstacles, we can be completely ourselves around one another, we are partners in every way. Thanks Ganesha for being our festival icon; I’ve truly begun to appreciate your help. Yoga helps me to have many arms and a bright third eye, and often to stay sane in this crazy world and when I am experiencing emotion.

Though Ben and I will spend nearly a full month out of five weeks apart, I’ve never felt more solid about our relationship. This is because each day we learn to love each other for who we truly are.

Two nights ago, I saw the new Dalai Lama film, Dalai Lama Renaissance. A group of the worlds greatest minds gathered to meet with HH and hammer out solutions to some of our planets deepest problems. The synthesis group met on their own first to answer the Dalai Lama’s essential questions: How can we cause peace? Eliminate suffering? Increase people’s compassion?
Many short-term solutions surfaced to creating justice in the world, and for Tibet but the Dalai Lama explained that human suffering and inequality require long-term solutions and global understanding of the root cause. The goal for HH is to create love and compassion in each individual so that peace can guide.
Though the symposium participants surfaced an attractive suggestion to discourage Americans from buying goods manufactured in China, the Dalai Lama becomes concerned with the overpopulation in China and how devastating a strike would be for the factory workers. What is the next step, he wonders, as do I, toward freeing the Chinese and Tibetans at once, as well as all sentient beings?

The solution I would have brought to the synthesis comes from my experience, as everyone’s did. YOGA. I have watched the regular practice of yoga transform my life and the lives of my students, creating within practitioners a sense of self acceptance first, then self love, then love for and understanding of connection to others. Put yoga in the school, yoga in the water, yoga on TV….just no more needless suffering!

One inquiry particularly struck me in this film, through a woman commenting on the Holocaust. She recalls people saying, “I could never watch those trains pass by!” Yet she wonders, with the many starving and dying people around this world, are we watching the trains go by? Or, are we pretending we can’t see?

May peace be in your heart and in this world! and may you know the comfort of pancaking.

Until next week,
Shanti shanti shanti om,


card pressed by Hope for Women


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