Top 15 Tips on How to Market Yourself Online & as a Yoga Teacher

Top 15 Tips on How to Market Yourself online
& as a Yoga Teacher

  1. Discover who you are and what you have to offer. What makes your teaching distinct? Find an open market and build your corner.  Evaluate what services you’re most qualified and ready for.
  2. Expand your teaching in the world through cyberspace. Create a website with basic information and a look and feel that match your teaching from a designer who understands your niche and how to socially network online.
  3. Use free tools available to you through Social Networking, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter- this is the most fun and immediate way to market workshops, trainings, and retreats.  Keep a consistent themes and a regular schedule- let viewers know what they have to look forward to ahead.
  4. Keep a Blog. I like Blogger and WordPress 
  5. Use Top 10 or 20 lists in your blogs.  People love pictures!  Give people tips about the benefits of yoga, things to try at home, and interesting information.  Be yourself and use a clear authentic voice, just as when you’re teaching.
  6. You Tube videos can be filmed in 1-3 minutes and uploaded- this may be the greatest free marketing tool available to you. You can also make podcasts from free websites like Podbean. Imagine your audience on the other side of the camera.
  7. Remember: Not everyone is online.  Use Hard-Copy Techniques like print advertising and business cards. (Think green!)
  8. Create posters with a graphic- hit up key spots in the areas you want to target.
  9. Send Flyers to your Mailing List by email or mail.
  10. Use the Media: Write a regular Yoga article for a newspaper, Do Something Newsworthy…
  11. Give free workshops & lectures, you can get free press by contacting local news.  
  12. Keep in Touch: Record the emails and basic information of your clients. Send regular newsletters, coupons, and interesting information. Stay on track and in contact. 
  13. If you like, find other passive ways to build income that don’t require lots of energy, think about what your good at like cooking (give lessons or cook for friends parties), art (sell art at local shops, cafes- once it’s made, your part is done), sell t-shirts online, play music out, etc.  
  14. Confidence! Confidence Confidence! Yoga begins with self acceptance. Trust yourself as you venture into teaching, trust the world around you. Your mind goes where your energy follows. Attendance will ebb and flow naturally, keep your mind focused on serving as many people as possible. The rest will follow. You must know that your teaching is service to people and you deserve to get paid to keep doing it. In many contemporary settings, teachers have trainings to repay too. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. 
  15. Fees: Research what others pay in the area, charge what you are worth and what your client would value.

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