Na Balam Yoga Retreat, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

isla mujeres 8
Near the Ferry Dock, Isla Mujeres
Na Balam Paddleboard 2
Paddle Boards, Isla Mujeres
isla mujeres clothesline
Isla Mujeres Clothesline
Na Balam Triangle pose
Na Balam, Triangle Pose
isla mujeres taco
Isla Mujeres, Local Tacos
isla mujeres latte
Latte at Na Balam Cafe
isla mujeres 6
Isla Mujeres, Eastern Coast
Isla Mujeres staircase 2
Isla Mujeres Staircase
Na Balam Palapa Tree Pose
Na Balam, Palapa, Tree Pose
na balam sail
Na Balam Beach, Isla Mujeresisla mujeres street fruit
Isla Mujeres, Flowers and Fruit for Sale
isla mujeres flower
Isla Mujeres, Flower Calling
isla mujeres cafe cito
We love Ziggy at Cafe Cito, Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is home to amazing people, delicious nourishing food, and healthy colorful beaches.

Starting each day with yoga helped us establish an energized yet releaxed energy for the day as well as the individual opportunity for each of us to attune to a natural rhythm.  The prana (vital life force) and vibrancy of the nature surrounding us enhanced a sense of shakti- powerful, positive energy.

Breakfast each day at Na Balam included green detox juice, lattes or cha., fresh baked breads, homemade granola and yogurt with fresh fruit, and eggs with chaya (a green like spinach). When we could not finish our food, Ponchito (pictured above) was sure to help!

We spent afternoons exploring the island on foot or golf-cart, visiting Mayan ruins, resting on the beach, practicing meditation, and reading. Every moment is and was an opportunity to practice yoga off the mat, to be present, as relaxed as possible, and aware.

The inward journey that accompanies twice daily yoga practice, and true relaxation on retreat, tends to last longer and be more effective than other vacations.

Before exploring the island for dinner, we practiced late-afternoon yoga in the beautiful Yoga Life studio at Na Balam. Each session began with a journal question to help us clarify personal goals. This is an age-old technique in yoga and other disciplines to transform thought into written word and by extension, into physical reality.  The asana flows I led included a Warrior series, the Moon Salute, Hip Opening, and on the last day, we practiced Partner Yoga & Yoga Nidra. The consistent theme was conscious alignment, relaxation through the breath, self awareness, acceptance, and love.

The evenings were star-lit and warm. Our flavorful exotic dinners tended to be accompanied by laughter  the rhythm of the gentle sea. I cherish this time we shared.

When we return to Isla Mujeres for the next retreat, we will not only enjoy the island and our personal time there but we’re making arrangements to give back as well by doing yoga with a local girls organization and helping with an animal-rescue organization.

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If you’re interested in attending this retreat next, please email [email protected] Namaste


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  1. Lynn Mac Gregor Minnis /

    This island looks wonderful. I have a vacation during March 16 through April 1. If this happens to coincide with the 2012 yoga retreat I would appreciate your sending information
    via email. Thank you and Namaste, Lynn

  2. Ewa Wilkiewicz /

    I am very interested in a healthy ,relaxing yoga retreat. Let me know if there will be something like yoga and detox retreat.
    Thank you::

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