How to create the life you want and manifest your goals

No matter what you’re telling yourself or saying out-loud, if your deeply held beliefs don’t agree with it, you can’t manifest your affirmations.  Whatever you believe, you achieve.  You may be saying, “I’m ready for a good relationship…I’m ready to have a baby… I welcome money into my life… I have my dream career,” yet, if deep-inside you do not think that you can have a successful relationship because one hasn’t worked out yet, or a baby or you do not believe you are worthy of having money because of your parents situation, or that making money is easy, then you won’t.  If inside it feels like you are stuck- your affirmations in this case are not enough… Remember, you are the creator of your own destiny. 

Manifestation requires consistent focus.  Use yoga, meditation, visualization, and affirmation, to concentrate on achieving 1 thing, 1 critical goal.  Begin here to compassionately explore your deep held beliefs surrounding this goal and what stories you’ve been telling yourself about achieving it (until now).

Desire is one of the greatest forces that compels a person to change. Set a goal you intensely desire. Ensure you want this for yourself- not for someone else.  You must have complete faith and conviction that this goal can come true. You have to make your goals realistic and believable to your conscious mind so your subconscious mind can also believe in this goal. Allow your goal to cause you to stretch (like yoga) so you move out of your comfort zone and you operate at the edge of your potential as a human being.
Even if there are many aspects of your life you eventually want to take more conscious control of, rather than concentrating on the many things you want to draw into your life at once, for the next 3 hours, months, years, focus on 1 thing you want to change and devote to it.  You will find by achieving this 1 goal, other desires of yours will also manifest and come to fruition!

Develop some present moment awareness now.  Draw a pie chart of how your energy is distributed.

Now draw your ideal distribution of energy in a separate pie chart. How would you ideally redistribute your energy?

Record 5 realistic steps to reconcile the two.

What activities make you feel good?

What do you naturally excel at?

Which relationships inspire you and who supports your yoga practice?

What relationships makes you feel inauthentic?

What are you dependent on that takes away your life force?
If there were no obstacles and no fear of failure, what would you dare to do? What could you accomplish? (Remember- if you have a vision you can actualize it, it’s the first step- the seed of a tree or the idea of a building becoming a blueprint becoming a physical structure).

The most important thing you can do is visualize your goal coming true and believe it when you see it and believe it- Visualize success in your goal.  Play this image on the movie screen of your mind over and over again- enjoy! Watch it grown and change- make it as specific as can be and visit your desired goal vision as often as you remember!

-Inspired by Brian Tracy


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  1. Beth /

    Perfect for today (and everyday but today especially…for me)
    I love the piece on “Manifestation requires not only your belief but consistency, ritual, intention and energy. AND “Desire is a great force that compels you to change- set a goal you intensely desire- you want for yourself- not about anyone else.”

    Thank you for this! I’m feelin’ might fine and love basking in this feeling! Brings me more!
    rock on!

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