Detox Yoga Series, Happy New Year

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NewYearsDetoxDetox Yoga Series, Happy New Year
Mondays, 4:30-5:30 pm (6 weeks)

Start: January 6, 2014
End: February 11, 2014
$70 for 6 or drop in for $14 each
Register Here
with Jane Lanza
and Transformation One

(Click Here to Read about the Detox Program we recommend alongside this Yoga Series with Transformation One)

About the Series:

This New Year’s Detox Yoga Series will help you relieve stress, tension and fatigue. This is a vigorous workshop designed to systematically aid detoxification. The practice includes inversions, twists, and compression for the abdomen and inner organs. We’ll free up the spine, get the lymph fluid moving, explore compressions and twists to aid digestion and the elimination of waste, and maximize the flow of breath to allow oxygen rich blood to reach all the major organs as you move through the practice. The room will be warm to encourage sweat and boost functionality of endocrine system.

When you rid yourself of excess waste and toxins you will feel lighter and clearer in your physical body, mind, and mood and increase your immunity. Feel rejuvenated and ready for a new year!

Aches? Allergies? Digestive issues? Fatigue? Mental fog? Skin issues? Stubborn weight?

How is any of this connected with a detox? Well, the fact is that we have flooded our surroundings (and our food) with an unprecedented number of chemical toxins that our human bodies never had to deal with before. Chemicals from vehicles and industrial exhaust, heavy metals in our fish, petroleum additives in our shampoo, skin lotions and toothpaste, petroleum fertilizers in our foods, fire retardants, plastics leaching into our water, residues from the medications that other people have taken (yuck!) can be found in our waters, etc. etc. Your body simply cannot keep up with the toxic sludge that attacks it every day and these substances accumulate in your tissues. This makes your body less capable of dealing with normal, everyday tasks that it would otherwise handle without a hiccup: a little pollen, strawberries, some cheese, keeping skin well moistened, managing your weight, filtering things out of your blood, keeping bad bacteria out of you colon, etc.

You need to take a proactive role in detoxification and you’ll notice the difference.

Given half a chance (and the right nutrients) your body will heal itself. This is what you initiate when you do a detox program and yoga. Whatever your Achilles’ heel may be (i.e. allergies, arthritis, weight issues, skin issues, etc.) that’s where your body will begin to respond. Take the Toxicity Quiz to see how you’re doing. Contact Morella Devost  from Transformation One now, to boost your yoga benefits with her successful detox program.


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