Feeling Grateful: Santosha Affirmations & Being Peace Meditation

The “Living with Gratitude” retreat at Laughing River Yoga,” provided us the time and space to practice 5 meditations, discuss the yogic principle of santosha (contentment, acceptance, gratitude), and to explore anahata chakra (the heart center). We practiced spacious breath work and postures to open us to the feeling of gratefulness and oneness.

Try these Santosha Affirmations in your meditation:”I am content.  I am grateful for what I have and for what I don’t have.  I learn from the joys and the disappointments life brings me.  I honor the good in myself and others.  I refrain from criticism and faultfinding.  I accept life just the way it is.  I enjoy my life.  I practice metta, loving kindness, and compassion.” These sacred yogic techniques can lead us away from fear and toward happiness.

Next, try this spacious breath meditation by Thich Niht Hahn from, Being Peace, (page 6), “Breathing in, I calm my body.  Breathing out, I smile.  Dwelling in the Present Moment, I know this is beautiful moment.”

Here are some photos that celebrate the Gratitude Retreat as we acknowledged the many blessings in our lives. Thank you to everyone who participated and to those who made it possible for us to gather in this way. Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you grateful for?


Making Friends

Writing What We’re Grateful For


Forward Facing Corpse Pose

Gratitude Lists help acknowledge how much we have

Restorative Fish Pose with Heart Chakra Meditation

Illuminating Gratitude through Intention

Gratitude Retreat Snacks & Abundance

May beings everywhere know peace, be happy, healthy, and free.

Join me in January for more Yoga of the Mind- stay tuned for a Jan. 2nd , 2011 workshop on the Law of Attraction and Manifestation- Namaste!


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  1. Maggie J /

    Thank you so much for sharing these meditations. I am putting together a class session on Santosha and your words are just what the doctor ordered. I’m grateful for you! 🙂


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