Want to boost your immunity? How to detox your body through yoga poses

fireOur bodies naturally build up and store toxins from internal sources like bacteria’s and fungus as well as from external sources like heavy metals, stimulants, pesticides, preservatives, and also through the air we breathe,water we drink, and food we eat.

With heavy amounts of caffeine, sugar, stimulants and processed food in many Americans diets, along with stress and lack of exercise – many people face feeling sluggish, tired, and heavy.  The body can not detox all this waste on its own and can use the support of a practice like yoga to enhance the natural process of ridding waste.

A good yoga practice to systematically aid detoxification includes inversions, twists, and compression for the abdomen and inner organs. Let yourself maximize the flow of breath to allow oxygen rich blood to reach all the major organs as you move through the practice.

The circulatory, digestive, and endocrine systems are the body’s natural defense tools to eliminate waste through the skin, mouth, urine, colon, breath, and even eyes.

Yoga flow and other forms of physical exercise, gives the lymph fluid a boost. Inverted yoga poses also increase the circulation of lymph.  Lymph is a clear fluid that moves by series of muscular contractions that carries bacteria and waste out of the body via the lymph nodes, but it can get stuck.

By turning upside down, lymph moves into the respiratory organs, where we can often store germs.  As you return to an upright pose, gravity drains the lymph through your nodes for cleansing and lymph returns to the bloodstream. Inverted poses also soothe the nervous system and ease stress. Inversions bathe the abdomen with fresh blood and nutrients which aids with digestion.

The digestive system helps us to absorb nutrients from food and to separate and eliminate waste. Twists in yoga aid this process too; as the inner organs are squeezed, kidney and liver get stimulated and expel out toxins. The inner organs are bathed with a fresh supply of oxygen and blood as the twist gets released and new fluid fills the area.  Forward folds also improve digestion by providing a healthy compression for the gut body.

We aid the elimination of toxins in yoga through deep breathing as well.  The functionality of the Circulatory System, which carries blood throughout the body, to deliver oxygen in and waste out,  is enhanced when practiced deep, conscious, yogic breath. Through various yoga postures we direct the flow of energy into every nook and cranny in the body and increase circulation.

When you rid yourself of excess waste and toxins you will feel lighter and clearer in your physical body, mind, and mood and boost your immunity.  Enjoy!


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