Class Descriptions


Drop-In Yoga Classes

Jane offers drop-in yoga classes at Laughing River Yoga for new and experienced students to devote to regularly guided and consistent practice while experiencing the benefits of sangha, community.  Read Workshop Descriptions | Read Retreat Descriptions

Hot Slow Flow
This warm loving class weaves together breath and movement through in a flow practice. A slower pace than regular Vinyasa, Hot Slow Flow will challenge and inspire you. Class consists of Sun Salutes, standing poses, balancing postures, twists, basic inversions, and ends with a deep, relaxing savasana. Emphasis is given to aligning breath and movement, slowing down and paying attention, and relaxing into your own body. This takes place in a heated room which will enhance detoxification, stimulate the glandular systems, and challenge the cardiovascular system while you cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance through the yoga postures and flows. Appropriate for beginners and more experienced students alike.

Vinyasa yoga is the practice of consciously linking the movement of the body to the movement of the breath. Classes are a moving meditation during which the breath acts as the seamless connection between all experiences.
We offer four levels of vinyasa yoga: vigorous, regular (moderate to vigorous), gentle, and core (focus on strengthening core and abdomen).

Gentle Yoga
Explore relaxing your mind and body through slow movements, deep peaceful stretches, meditation, and soft chanting. Use various breath techniques proven to increase the flow of prana (vital life force) and decrease stress and tension (like Dirgha, Spinal Breathing Pranayama, Ujjayi, etc). This class can be offered without bright lights or by candlelight to reduce visual stimulation and enhance the inner experience.