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after landing in chaing mai and settling into our b and b, ban kong rao, we headed to the chiang mai shopping park to buy some clothes and necessities. our fourth day of travel without luggage! though jet blue just informed me that our bags should arrive tomorrow. here’s hoping!

we took a motor bike rickshaw to the mall for 40 bhat- $1.10. an absolutely amazing ride! warm wind in our hair, stimulating sights and smells, traffic and people flowing everywhere. in chiang mai i’m reminded of the hilltop towns in india only it’s a bit more developed (western) and far more tropical. warm thoughts of my time in kalimpong with kate.

first things first, we needed food. on the main floor of the shopping park our options were baskin robbins, pizza hut, sizzler, and annie anne’s. no thanks! not even in our country. we took an escalator to the bottom floor and found an authentic local restaurant to nourish our weary selves. no one spoke a word of english but the menu had pictures. a heating plate sat in the middle of the table. having just learned about chinese soups from ben’s visit to shenzhen i realized we were to select different ingredients to concoct our masterpiece. lisa and benny, loving thoughts of you! we chose egg, noodles, basil, scallions, cilantro, tofu, and rice- all of which we poured into the water that boiled in front of us. tasty and adventurous!

because thailand is in close proximity to cambodia, china and vietnam, where many american clothes are produced, the shopping park had myriad stores with name brands at fractions of the normal price. for $60 usd i got enough clothes to last the next two weeks (2 yoga pants for school, 2 day pants, 1 short, 4 undies, 2 tanks, 2 sweatshirts), should the luggage not arrive. i like all of the clothes too!

we planned on visiting the famous and far more authentic sunday market for some more shopping but monsoon like rain changed our minds and led us directly back to our neighborhood. it is winter here in chaing mai and rain is like snow to the locals, no big deal. we popped into Good Time restaurant on the corner and I ordered tofu with egg and sweet chili basil over rice. heather had a chicken dish. we ordered 3 large beers and in total, spent about $6 usd. delicious! needless to say, we’ve been back since.

sleep came easily and training for thai yoga massage began today. family, i can’t wait to practice this ancient healing on you!

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  1. caligirlinvt /

    love reading about all of your adventures….keep blogging, babylove,mommy

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