Lessons from the Road

Road Trip_Tunnel

Glenwood Springs I70, Copyright 2013 JaneYoga

For twenty-six days of July, 2013, Ben Lanza and I drove across the Continental United States and back. The reason for leaving Vermont and heading West was a balance of work and pleasure, an exploration.

Click here to read blogs, Lessons from the Road, which include photos and reflections from our journey. Stay tuned as we post more.

We worked with Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, VT, Copper, CO, and Squaw Valley, CA. We visited nature, friends, and family in the Boulder, CO area, Moab, UT, and Arches National Park. We stopped throughout California in Lake Tahoe and at the Truckee River as well as Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Guerneville and the Bay Area. Then we headed back East.

We hope these images inspire you and that you may visit these places one day as you wish. The land we traveled, the friends who rode legs with us, the people we met, opened our eyes, minds and hearts.

Being in the driver’s seat requires a sense of presence and control as well as letting aggression go and maintaining equanimous flow. Though we all have our triggers, whether operating the vehicle, navigating, or riding along, we can choose serenity.

My favorite thing about being on the road is the grounding nature of this travel. The best place to be I’ve found, is exactly where I am. To arrive safely at a destination is a blessing and so is each step of the journey along the way.

What’s your favorite ride?

Safe steering!
Jane and Ben