Benefits of Chanting: Yoga of Sound leads to positive effects

The yoga of sound involves chanting; chanting is a centuries-old technique that connects humans with themselves, the universe, and Spirit.  Chanting raises vibrations of the individual practicing and a result, people who chant feel alive, peaceful, and centered.  We all know that in order to attain good physical health and happiness, the body requires adequate exercise, proper diet, and rest.  More importantly and more overlooked is the health of our inner self which also requires nourishment and attention.  When we neglect our spiritual, inner self, we become imbalanced and negative in attitude and emotions.
Expert Yoga teacher Adrian Cox explains,  “When you chant OM with the right understanding, it becomes a powerful yoga practice in it’s own right…Chanting OM creates detachment and empowers all mental and spiritual processes. It can take you all the way to deep states of yoga, if you have good concentration.”  Cox reminds us that “It [can take] a long time before [any mantra] takes effect. Depending on the number of syllables in the mantra, it can take 16,000 or more repetitions before it ‘unlocks.’  That’s if you’re concentrating… Having your brain wander off on to unrelated things while chanting might make it take longer.”

Chanting is fun, easy, and always available to you!

Chanting is a useful anecdote in our fast-paced lifestyles, stressful lives, and during our modern times.  Chanting is a good habit and beneficial to bring into your life, no matter how busy you are each day:
  • You can chant alone, silently, quietly , or aloud… anytime…anywhere
  • You can chant with friend or a group of friends
  • You can listen to chants throughout the day on your CD or Mp3 player to feel soothed and energized
  • You can chant as you sit still, as you move, as you travel.
  • You don’t have make any adjustments- you can chant in any position


Medical and research studies have shown that chanting positively effects the physical body, the mind, and the spirit.

When a person chants, studies have shown:
  • “According to a research done at the Cleveland University, USA, the rhythmic tones involved in chanting create a melodious effect in the body called the Neuro-linguistic effect [NLE]. When we know the meaning of the mantra we are reciting, it creates a Psycholinguistic effect [PLE] on the body. The NLE and the PLE effects are by-products of the production and spreading of curative chemicals in the brain. The research concludes that this is the real reason why chanting provokes curative effects in us.
  • A study by Dr Alan Watkins [senior lecturer in neuroscience at Imperial College London] revealed that while chanting, our heart rate and blood pressure dip to its lowest in the day. Doctors say that even listening to chants normalises adrenalin levels, brain wave pattern and lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Using chants as part of our exercise regimen, helps facilitate movement and flow of the body during exercise.
  • Studies prove that making chants a part of our daily yoga can help achieve greater weight loss in a shorter span of time.
  • Neuro-scientist Marian Diamond from the University of California found that chanting helps block the release of stress hormones and increases immune function. It also keeps our muscles and joints flexible for a long time.
  • The body’s energy and vitality are augmented by regular chanting.
  • Chanting cures depression: An 8-week study was carried out at the Samarya Center for Integrated Movement Therapy and Ashtanga Yoga in Seattle, WA, to see the effects of chanting on general well-being and particularly respiratory functions in people suffering from mild-to-severe depression. The results showed that chanting helped participants increase control over their breath and expiratory output level. The participants claimed that chanting reduced their anxiety and improved their mood. Researchers thus concluded that if done at least once a week, chanting is an effective means of enhancing people’s moods in the immediate present, as well as over an extended period of time.” (http://completewellbeing.com)
Enjoy the exploration of chanting…Don’t hold back.  Chanting leads to consciousness, moving beyond thought into freedom.


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  1. Arthor Van Wright /

    Thank you for that. It is one of the better explainations of chanting because it provides information on many levels.

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  3. Madhukar Sonavane /

    Sir,I liked your approach,usage of minimum words but very effective way.You are doing the work as stated in Geeta,”उद्धरेदात्मनात्मानं “.Keep on writing the personal development articles as life is short and there is no substitute to ‘Experience”.I would be happy to share.

    • Jane Yoga /

      Thank you! I am not a sir, rather a lady. Though this does not matter. Namaste!

  4. vijay /

    thnx 4 valuable info

  5. madhav /

    chanting om is good practice as i have been doing it since one week . but only in one month i can feel the great change in myself . feels full of energy plus positive attitude .its just rock and i am very thankful to hindu religion for giving us such a powerful tool . thanks to the admin for your valuable information . i suggest all the people who is reading this post plz just start doing it and experience the change within yourself .


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