A trip East expands my perspective

I love my life in Vermont, full of many blessings.  It is easy to live here: clean, peaceful, politically-open with fresh air, water, abundant amounts of healthy food and perhaps most importantly, respect for inherent human rights.  I’ve come to realize VT could be heaven on Earth… drama can arise anywhere. Drama is nearly a state of mind, like choosing serenity. Yet as much as I dig the spaciousness of VT and it home, I always feel balanced and whole after experiencing the depth, spiciness and stimulation of a place like SE Asia.

Yes, there is suffering in Asia…and everywhere. Yet I have experienced a greater compassion from most people in my travels to Thailand, India, and China than anywhere in the world. Often I feel recognized by strangers on a soul level. You pour a friends tea before you pour your own.  You bow to the spirit within one another rather than a casual hand shake.  I’m reminded often here that we are all one, and we are all manifestations of the life force (Prana; Qi). To me, this comes as a great relief. In this sense, I feel deeply at home here. Although there is heirarchy in SE Asia, as everywhere I’ve been, I leave feeling humble- no better, no worse, no different than any of my global neighbors and I admire the uniqueness of each of us.

Thank you Ben for bringing me here and to everyone I met along the way.  To those of you at home who surround us with love and light- thank you.  Our goal is to pay it forward every day.

Krabi, Thailand

Historical Buddha, Phuket, Thailand

Fresh Cafe, Krabi Town, Thailand (vegetarian spring rolls)

Thai Style Landscaping

Krabi, Thailand

Market, Krabi Thailand

Big Buddha, Phuket, Thailand

Thai Massage on the Beach, Krabi

Islands in the Andaman Sea


Morning Yoga, Krabi

At the feet of Buddha

Having Fun on the Andaman Sea

Tea Tasting in China


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  1. alison hans /

    these photos are stunning! you and Benny are stunning! i am so happy for you both. that you are so blessed means i am so blessed! cant wait to see you guys….xoxoOm Shanti
    p.s. what’s up with Luna???

  2. vatsala sperling /

    Dear Jane,
    While searching the web for a contact info of Alison Hans (whom I know from the Pittsfield yoga studio) I came upon your site. Please could you send me Alison’s email address if you have it with you. Thank you

    The pictures of your trip East are stunning. Does look like you truly enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing.

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