feminine-vitality-2-web2I thought by signing up for Michelle Kailash Deslandes Feminine Vitality course that I would learn sexual meditation techniques. What I moreso learned about is who I am, on a soul and physical level, how my body, mind, and spirit communicate, and how to tap into the creative, orgasmic, flow of the universe (called shakti).

Michelle is refreshingly unlike other women I know, yet she is deeply and universally woman. As a teacher and person, she is fierce. She is truthful. She is soft and kind.

Here are 12 simple things I took away from this profound Tantra experience with my siSTAR Michelle: (Disclaimer: citations needed. This is a blog I wrote based on notes from a strictly experiential workshop I took, which did not include a handout. It’s leading to more inquiry including research).

  1. In Latin, Vagina translates as scabbard, or sheath for sword.  Where as in Sanskrit, Yoni translates as divine channel or sacred womb. More empowering to use “yoni.”
  2. Rather than focus on kundalini rising and ascension out of this mindbody, or detachment from the body, Tantra invites us to practice being fully embodied, root to crown, to invite intrinsic, Animalistic Awareness.
  3. The life force is orgasmic, it pulses in expansions and contractions- underlies all things- even an argument is an expression of this divine force – a passion, climax, and release. Universal, creative, feminine life force, also called SHAKTI is always pulsing through us.
  4. Sanctity for body temple helps strengthen connection to divine feminine. All that is, is a manifestation of the divine, including our soul and body temple. The goddess, universal creative life force, is wise, compassionate, loving but also deeply protective, powerful, and fierce. In Tantra we embrace this and find wholeness, union, yoga (balance).
  5. To connect with our divine nature and inner awareness, Tantra teaches us to find strength through our embodiment, and our sexuality. Where there is a fear there is an underlying pleasure, these are two sides of the same coin. Women need not blame or shame but accept and forgive their bodies.
  6. Body can be primarily aroused (even during something as torturous as rape), and this may not align with mind, body, spirit, or attributes of first 4 gates. As infants and children people experience arousal, without understanding, and sometimes this is inappropriate or incestual and the body remembers. The mind may not understand, or think it’s wrong, but there is an erotic memory.
  7. The Yoni has seven gates. “When healed, nourished, remembered and honored as sacred, these 7 gates become a royal road in to the cosmic womb and the manifestation of the Divine Feminine. Each gate opens as you progressively heal each part of the yoni and womb, making them sacred portals once again. The power of woman that you hold deep within your body is right here; all you.”
    Through meditation, massage, yoga, and growing awareness of these gates, a woman can amplify her life force, which can be used to amplify the whole mind body. Sexual energy cultivated, can be used to lead a woman to her true selves and potential. Higher knowing can be awakened through channeling this energy through the central channel in yoga, along the spine, called shushumna. Each gate has a gatekeeper emotion and a shadow emotion.
  8. Orgasming daily can be energy medicine when you honor the gateway attributes of the yoni and root (study with Michelle to learn more). Experience creative energy and distribute it internally to inner organs to boost chi.

  9. Sex can be kinky and weird but in order for it to be truly pleasurable (mind, body, spirit), it must align with the first 4 gateways- be done with praise, gratitude, compassion, love.
  10. You can generate greater life force to orgasm everyday alone than engage in sex with another that is disconnected or does not align with gateway attributes- this can drain energy
  11. The Root Chakra is a throne (to be fully embodied, we need to sit in this throne comfortably and aware). Many of us avoid the root. There are 5 jewels in the throne of the root: Spinal Base, Anus, Perineum, Yoni, Clitoris. Heaven and Earth energy meet in Perineum. The Root is connected to nervous system, which holds tension. There is a direct connection between the jaw and pelvic floor. Clean, clear anus helps with ability to release and let go. Healthy digestion helps with healthy sexual energy.
  12. Using sighs, sounds, moans, and screams can be a great release for tension or pleasure. Sound moves energy through.


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